KNZ Deer Licks

KNZ Deer Licks

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For orders of more than 2 blocks please contact us for a delivery quote and to place your order.

KNZ_logo_KNZ1.jpg Wild Deer Licks are suitable for Wild, Park & Farm Deer. While normal forage provides the general needs for wild deer, KNZ deer licks supply the individual needs for salt and minerals that may be lacking in a deers natural diet. They will provide the animal with the essential minerals lacking and therefore promote good antler development, fertility, healthy bones and teeth and general good health.

KNZ Wild Licks provide essential minerals and trace elements to assist in:

  • Antler development 
  • Fertility 
  • Healthy bones and teeth
  • Digestion
  • Good general health

Click here to see our KNZ page for full mineral composition and more information.


KNZ Lick       - £ 8.50 per lick + £9.95 p&p (for 1 or 2 blocks)

1 x Pallet       - £ 8.00 per lick -   (56 x KNZ licks)

2+ pallets      - £ 7.50 per lick  -  (112 x KNZ licks)

4+ pallets      - £ 7.00 per lick -   (224 x KNX licks)



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From 15/07/2015 we will no longer be VAT registered

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